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53% of Brands Take Almost 2 Weeks or More Just To Produce an Email

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Email is known to be the most measurable and effective channel as long as it is set up properly. Many people might think that creating high performing emails is easy but it is not, it takes resources and time.

53% of brands take almost 2 weeks or more just to produce an email. It is expected, of course, if you work on a bigger team, the average production time will be longer.

Let’s get started with more insights about creating a high performing email content.

More Brands Than Ever Are Using a Content Calendar Year-Round

Starting this with email content planning, it is reported that more brands than ever are using a content calendar year-round, as email content planning continues to be more precise.

However, there are many things here to talk about, what tools do brands use? how far ahead brands are planning? and where does your brand fit in?

The following chart explains the email content calendar year-round and answers the question “Does your company use an email marketing content calendar year-round or only for peak seasons?”

Most Marketers Plan Email Content 2Months or Less in Advance

  • The highest percentage goes to brands who plan for their email content year-round, with a percentage of 56% and 58%.
  • On the other side, other brands mentioned they only plan their email content but for peak season(s) with a percentage of 17% and 18%.
  • Other brands said that they send emails when needed and the percentage was 27%, however, it decreased to 24% in 2019.

Majority of Marketers Plan Email Content Less Than 2 Months in Advance

For the importance of content planning for emails, and as reported, the majority of marketers actually plan email content less than 2 months in advance which is good.

According to Litmus, Campaign calendars help all team members plan their time more effectively and make it easier to align email campaigns with
other marketing channels.

The following chart answers the following question “How far in advance does your company typically plan email content for your peak and off-peak season(s)?”

Most Marketers Plan Email Content 2Months or Less in Advance

  • As the chart shows, almost 39% plan their content in the peak season(s) 1 month in advance.
  • On the other hand, around 49% plan their content in off-peak season(s) 1 month in advance.
  • Also, in the peak season(s) a percentage of 20% plan their content 3 months in advance.

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