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The Most Effective Tactics to Improve E-Mail Marketing Engagement, 2018 | Ascend2

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46% of marketing influencers indicated that the single-topic e-mail campaigns are the most effective tactic to use that improve the e-mail marketing campaigns engagement, focusing on the subject line and the body content on a single-topic provide marketers with the ability to capture and keep the attention of those subscribers interested in that topic.
While 39% of marketers reported that the new subscriber welcome e-mail is an effective tactic that improves the engagement of e-mail marketing, on the other side 37% of influencers believe that the automated event-triggered e-mail is an effective tactic to increase the engagement.

The Most Effective Tactics In Improving E-Mail Marketing Engagement.

                   A Graph Shows The Most Effective Tactics To Improve E-Mail Marketing Engagement.


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