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Email Personalization Tools is the Most Used in the Executing Process of Personalization Across Digital Channels With a Rate of 64% in 2018 | Evergage

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Personalized experiences are a hot topic these days. Certain types of businesses have become very skilled at delivering personalized services. Personalizing digital ads has become a priority for marketers, as data has made them better able to segment and target their consumer base. In general, consumers have shown a fair amount of receptivity to these personalized ads.

Take a glance at the most used tools to execute personalization across digital channels:

  • 64% of surveyed marketers mentioned that they are using the email personalization tools.
  • 55% indicated that they are using A/B testing tools in their personalization execution process.
  • The triggered email solution comes at next with a rate of 36% as a personalization execution tool.
The Most Used Tools In The Execution Process of Personalization.

A Graph Shows The Most Used Tools in Executing of Personalization Across Digital Channels.


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