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Saving Time is The Main Factor That Motivates Finnish Consumers To Shop Online At a Rate of 24%, 2018

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Online platforms are being increasingly seen as a way of enhancing the customer relationship. Electronic retailers must analyze and understand the motivations of consumers when buying online.  Finnish consumers appreciate and value their time, consumers prefer to make their purchases online so they can spend their time on more important things. Now Finnish consumers are shopping online for groceries more than before. Why stand in line at the local grocery store, during rush hour, when one can fill their shopping cart easily and painlessly from home. Convenience is the key for consumers. It is important to Finnish consumers that e-commerce is as easy as possible.

Take a glance at what motivates Finnish consumers to shop online, 2018:

  • Saving time & buying online is easier are the main motivation for Finnish consumers to shop online at a rate of 24%.
  • Online stores are always open is ranked as the second top motivation for Finnish consumer to shop online at a rate of 22%.
  • Lower prices come at next as a reason that drives the consumers to shop online at a rate of 17%.
  • Products that not found anywhere else also listed as a motivation factor for Finnish consumers to shop online at a rate of 13%.
Why Finnish Digital Buyers Shop Online, 2018

A Chart Shows The Reasons That Motivates Finnish Consumers To Shop Online, 2018.


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