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Following Friends/Family Was the Main Reason for Using Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook in US, 2017 | Fluent

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73% of Millennials in the US indicated that they have used Facebook in the past month, while almost half of Gen Z (49%) say the same. Also, Gen Z use Snapchat and Instagram in equal numbers to Facebook with rates of 48% & 46%, compared to less than a third of Millennials (28% & 32% respectively).

In terms of the main reasons for using social media – especially Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter -, following friends/family topped all reasons except in Twitter which used mainly to follow celebrities/influencers. The other reasons are almost equal and ranging from chatting, expressing ideas, getting inspiration and reading news, etc.

Why Gen Z & Millennials in US Use Snapchat, Instagram, FB & Twitter?

Graph Shows the Main Reasons for Using Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Facebook Among Gen Z & Millennials in US, 2017

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