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The Top Factors That Drives Loyalty to Brands, 2019

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Brand loyalty is one of the key factors critical for managers so that they can improve their customers’ retention that will, in turn, have a favorable impact on the profit margin. A consumer is considered brand loyal whenever he/she perceives that a brand is offering him the right product features and the desired level of quality hence repeatedly making a conscious or subconscious repurchase of that particular brand. In today’s competitive business environment building brand loyalty is becoming more complex to achieve. Companies are trying hard to keep their brand loyal customers loyal and avoid means of making room for competitors to grab these customers.

Take a glance at the top factors that drive loyalty consumers to brands, 2019:

  • Quality products are ranked as the main factor that drives loyalty to brands with a rate of 41%.
  • Price is ranked as the second top factor that drives loyalty to brands with a rate of 35%.
  • The trustworthiness of the brand come at next also as a factor that drives loyalty to brands with a rate of 8%.
Top Factors That Drive Loyalty 2019

A Figure Shows The Factors That Drives Loyalty to Brands, 2019.

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