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The Most Important Metrics Used for Measuring Content Marketing Engagement, 2019

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Before beginning any type of content marketing programs, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the individuals with whom you want to engage. What are their interests and needs? What do they want when it comes to your industry?. Content marketing works, but engagement can be challenging in the crowded digital space. This means marketers need to tighten their strategy and make content directly accountable for their client’s business goals. Despite the abstract nature of creating useful advertising content for audiences. Success in content marketing doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to delight, engage, and connect with your audiences, you need to produce high-value material and be careful with the KPIs that you choose to highlight particularly with content marketing you have seemingly infinite metrics to choose from, and some are better indicators of business growth than others.

Take a glance at the most important metrics used in measuring content marketing engagement, 2019:

  • Leads generated is ranked as the most important metric used by surveyed marketers in order of measuring content marketing engagement with a rate of 51%.
  • Returning visitors is ranked as the second most important metrics used for measuring content marketing engagement at a rate of 50%.
  • Conversion rate come at next as used metric in measuring content marketing engagement by surveyed marketers at a rate of 43%.
  • Like, comments and shares also listed as important metrics for measuring content marketing engagement by surveyed marketers at a rate of 32%.
Most Important Metric in measuring content marketing engagement 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Important Metrics For Measuring The Content Marketing Engagement, 2019.


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