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Data Management Platform is The Most Used Technology in Measuring Digital Ads Effectiveness With a Rate of 55%, 2018 | Salesforce

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Return on investment (ROI) is an important part of digital marketing and really, almost every part of marketing. It tells you whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns or not. And if you’re not, it’s critical to get to the bottom of it and understand why so you can learn how to improve your campaigns. But first, you need to understand how you can effectively measure the ROI of digital advertising.
The most instinctive way to measure digital advertising ROI is to track metrics that tie directly to revenue and profit.

Take a glance at the most used technologies in measuring the digital advertising effectiveness:

  • Data management platforms is the most used technology in measuring digital Ads effectiveness with a rate of 55%.
  • Web analytics platforms are ranked as the second most used technology in measuring the digital advertising ROI with a rate of 50%.
  • Marketing attribution platforms come at next with a rate of 47% in measuring the digital advertising effectiveness.
  • CRM report or dashboard is being used in measuring the effectiveness of advertising with a rate of 46% by digital advertisers.
The Most Used Technologies In Measuring The ROI of Digital Ads,2018

A Graph Shows The Most Used Technologies in Measuring Ads Effectiveness in 2018.


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