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Digital Buyers Accidentally Purchased Fake Products Over the Last Five Years at a Rate of 30%, 2018

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Despite the awareness around the dangers of shopping online, and the increasing savviness of consumers, shoppers are still being duped into buying fake products. The prevalence of fakes on the Internet, coupled with the sophisticated methods counterfeiters are using to market and sell them, means it’s not always easy to spot one. In the past the adage of if it’s too good to be true, probably it was one of the ways to spot a fake. Now however counterfeit goods can be found scattered throughout the Internet, on social media sites, marketplace listings and branded websites.

Take a glance at the online shopping figures on fakes, 2018:

  • 84% of surveyed online shoppers reported that they would never buy fake goods as gifts internationally.
  • 49% of surveyed online buyers mentioned that they’ve unintentionally bought fake products as gifts.
  • 45% of surveyed shoppers said that they are worried about buying fake goods as gifts.
  • 30% of online consumers have accidentally purchased fake products over the last five years.
Figures of online fake products

A Graph Shows The Facts About Purchasing Fake Online Products, 2018.


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