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58% of Shoppers in KSA Have Shopped Online at Least Once in the Past, 2017 | CITC

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Saudi Arabia’s B2C e-commerce spending was estimated at SAR 29.7 billion in 2016 making the country one of the largest e-commerce markets in the MENA region. In 2017, 58% of shoppers in Saudi Arabia have shopped online at least once in the past. Most of these online shoppers have made a transaction during the 12 months previous the survey with a rate of 87%, which shows an increasing shift towards online shopping in the country.

The vast majority of online shoppers who have purchased goods/services in the past 12 months have done so from e-commerce companies located in Saudi Arabia with a rate of 86%, while 65% have made purchases from companies based in other GCC countries and 49% from outside the region. On the other side, only a fraction of users (7%) have purchased exclusively from Saudi-based companies.

58% of Shoppers in KSA Have Shopped Online in 2017 | Online Shopping Insights

Graph Shows the Online Shopping Features in KSA in 2017.


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