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Content Marketing is The Most Effective Tactic Used by Digital Marketers in Their Digital Marketing Strategies at a Rate of 58%, 2019 | Ascend 2

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When it comes to digital marketing strategies, marketers can create a lengthy scroll of every available technique or technology available. Content marketing ties in heavily with SEO practices, and should aim to provide users with information that will eventually guide them through the buying process. In doing this, you can gain familiarity and trust with future customers.

Take a glance at the most effective online tactics used in digital marketing strategies by digital marketers:

  • Content marketing is ranked as the most effective tactic used by digital marketers in their digital marketing strategies at a rate of 58%.
  • Search engine optimization is ranked as the second most effective tactic with a rate of 50%.
  • Email marketing comes at next as an effective tactic with a rate of 47%.
The Most Effective Tactics Used in a Digital Marketing Strategy, 2019.

A Graph Shows The Most Effective Tactics Used in a Digital Marketing Strategy, 2019.


Research-Based Marketing

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