The State of Online Shopping in UAE, Egypt & KSA | 2017 Latest Insights

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Price Remains the Best Shopping Motivation for Buying Online in UAE, Egypt and KSA in 2017 | PWC

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Younger shoppers – who aged 18-24 years in the UAE, Egypt and KSA are much more likely to shop online monthly than elder ones (55+) with a rate of 36% vs. 13%.

There are some factors that motivate shoppers in the countries surveyed to shop online. Lower pricing, product selection and online buying convenience are the top 3 motivation for buying online with rates 40%, 31%, & 17% respectively.

In contrast, 36% of respondents globally voted for lower price and convenience as their top motivations for buying online.

Price Remains the Best Shopping Motivation for Buying Online in UAE, Egypt and KSA, 2017 | PWC

Graph Shows the Top Motivations Factors for Buying Online in the Middle East (UAE, Egypt & KSA) in 2017.


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