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Social Shoppers Privacy Concerns, 2019

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Despite the growing population of online shoppers, internet users describe online shopping as a frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming activity, Consumers are generally concerned both about privacy/confidentiality and data security. Privacy is the basis of human dignities and other human rights and values, like freedom of joining and freedom of speech. All internet users are engaging with social media in some way each month, a great deal of these networkers remain reluctant to award their trust, and especially their sensitive financial information to social channels.

Taker a glance at the social shoppers’ privacy concerns in 2019:

  • 66% of surveyed social shoppers reported that they worry about their personal data is being used by companies, compared to 63% of internet users who agree.
  • 62% of surveyed social shoppers indicated that they are concerned about eroding their personal privacy, compared to 60% of surveyed internet users.
  • 53% of social shoppers prefer to be anonymous, compared to 54% of internet users who agree which is slightly higher.
Online Shoppers Privacy Concerns 2019

A Graph Shows The Social Shoppers Privacy Concerns in 2019.


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