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Asian Consumer Main Motivation Factors For Installing Retail Applications, 2018

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Smartphones are changing the way that consumers shop and interact with retailers, both online and in stores. The ability to research products, look for coupons, and purchase in a moment of need, regardless of location, using retail applications is empowering consumers. Today, mobile is the most important digital touchpoint for retailers to win, serve, and retain customers. Smartphones enable consumers to access the Internet from anywhere at any time, empowering them to interact with brands in whatever context they choose. Clearly, getting consumers to even download an app is a challenge for retailers today. Consumers are selective in the retailer apps they download there must be a compelling reason for them to take the time to download and interact with a retailer in an app, rather than just using the company’s website.

Take a glance at the top motivation factors that drive Asian digital consumers to install retail applications:

  • Being convinced is ranked as the main motivation factor for surveyed Asian digital buyers to install retail applications with a rate of 82%.
  • The special promotion is ranked as the second driver for Asian consumers to use retail applications with a rate of 56%.
  • Better experience than mobile sites comes next as a driver for surveyed Asian consumers to use retail applications with a rate of 36%.
  • The integration with loyalty scheme also listed as a motivation factor for surveyed Asian consumers to install and use retail applications with a rate of 24%.
Retail App Install Drivers, 2018

A Graph Shows The Main Motivation Factors For Instaling Retailer Application.


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