The B2B Marketers Factors of Success Over The Last Year in 2018

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78% of B2B Marketers Indicated That Content Creation is The Success Factor Over The Last Year | MZLTD

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Surveyed B2B marketers mentioned that the main factor of success over the last year is content creation with a rate of 78%, while the strategy is ranked as the second important factor with a rate of 72%.

Then comes at next the content distribution as a factor of success over the last year with a rate of 50%, compared to 49% reported that content marketing is a great priority and factor of success.

A Graph Shows The Success Factors Over The Last Year in 2018.

Michaletz Zwief

Michaletz Zwief is a marketing communications firm that helps companies with complex messages bring their products and services to market online and in print. They believe in building long-term relationships with your brand, your audiences and most important—you. It's accomplished by listening, understanding and then developing value propositions to help you tell that story in a unique, meaningful way. When done the right way it’s simple. And you know it because it feels right.

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