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The Top Influencer Marketing Challenges in 2019

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Influencer marketing is growing into a very profitable industry. Influencers are everywhere on social media, it is becoming a full-time profession for many Internet stars, while celebrities are also finding additional income. One of the greatest challenges is choosing the right influencer. Does the influencer have a voice and a personality that’s a good fit for your brand? If you choose the wrong person, your campaign could under-perform, but worst case scenario, your brand reputation could never recover. The reputation of influencers can work very favorably for your brand as long as they’re aligned with your brand ideas and can position your brand as one to be trusted. They can help brands with lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

Take a glance at the top influencer marketing challenges in 2019:

  • Determining the ROI of influencer marketing programs is ranked as the top challenge of influencer marketing by surveyed marketers with a rate of 52%.
  • Social algorithm changes that make organic influencer content less visible and the amount of time it takes to manage influencer marketing programs are also ranked as influencer marketing challenges with a rate of 14%.
  • Choosing which influencer marketing providers to work with comes next as an influencer marketing challenge at a rate of 4%.
  • Determining where influencer marketing fits in surveyed marketers marketing mix also ranked as an influencer marketing challenge with a rate of 3%.
The top influencer marketing challenges in 2019

A Graph Shows The Top Influencer Marketing Challenges in 2019.


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