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Video Content Distribution Channels Used by Businesses in 2018

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Video is a powerful medium that allows companies/brands to make a human connection and tell their company/brand story in a format that is easily accessible to their audience, and tells customers who they are and how they can help them. It is an undeniable fact that people of all ages like to watch videos. Videos are entertaining and it goes to the point across in a short period of time. It eliminates the need for reading and most people find videos to be a more exciting and intriguing way to learn specific information. Video is used in the online world to showcase a business’s products, services or company. A video can be distributed and seen across many platforms and channels, to truly understand the nature of video in marketing, you must know why consumers are more engaged with video. The main reason is that the human brain is able to quickly process information in images to learn something new, this is how we are wired naturally, unlike the effort that it takes to read each letter and form visual concepts around sentences and paragraphs.

Take a glance at the most video content distribution channels used by businesses in 2018:

  • Websites are ranked as the most used channel by businesses for distributing their video content with a rate of 85%.
  • Social media is ranked as the second most used video content distribution channel by businesses with a rate of 84%.
  • YouTube comes at next as a used channel by businesses for distributing their video content with a rate of 67%.
  • Landing pages also listed as a channel used by businesses for distributing their video content with a rate of 57%.
Distribution Channels Where Video Content is Used 2019 report

    A Graph Shows The Most Used Channels for Distributing Video Content by Businesses, 2018.


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