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Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q3 2019 | Tinuiti

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Tinuiti has recently released the Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q3 2019. This report aimed at benchmarking the key metrics across Amazon’s advertising suite, based on samples of more than $400 million in ad spend that Tinuiti has under management.

What’s in the “Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q3 2019”:

This Report Includes Insights On:

  • How fast Amazon advertisers spend.
  • The year-over-year growth in ad revenue and in CPC.
  • Campaigns targeting countries outside of the US versus the US-focused campaigns across formats.
  • The recently released new-to-brand metrics and how advertisers on Amazon are using them.
  • The growth of the Amazon DSP and how performance differs between Amazon’s owned-and-operated properties versus other websites.

The Key Figures and Trends to Know Across Amazon Advertising:

  • Over 70% of purchases attributed to the Amazon demand-side platform (DSP) are New-To-Brand customers. This is driving advertisers to increase the share of their budget spent on brand awareness and consideration.
  • Advertisers spent 30% more on the Amazon demand-side platform (DSP) in Q3 than in Q2.
  • Pricing growth accelerated as CPM went up 15% quarter-over-quarter in Q3 compared to 5% in Q2.
The growth of the Amazon demand-side platform DSP Q3 2019 - Q/Q Amazon DSP Growth - Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q3 2019

A Figure Shows the Growth of the Amazon Demand-Side Platform DSP (Q2 Vs. Q3 2019)

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  • The year-over-year growth in ad revenue outpaced growth in CPC rates in the US. Revenue generated by sponsored products has increased by 30% YOY, while the average cost per click (CPC) rose by 10%.
  • The US advertisers increased sponsored products spend by 30% year over year, with an 18% increase in clicks over that time.
  • In countries other than the US, Amazon sponsored products spend increased by 50% YOY and sponsored brands spend increased 111% YOY.
  • Over 60% of all sponsored brands sales come from new-to-brand customers
A Figure Shows the Y/Y Growth of Amazon US Sponsored Products by Quarter - Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands Benchmark Q3 2019

A Figure Shows the Y/Y Growth of Amazon US Sponsored Products by Quarter

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Data in this report is based on anonymized performance data from Amazon programs under Tinuiti management, with over $400 million annual Amazon’s ad spends.

Samples are restricted to those programs that have continued active and maintained a consistent strategy over the study’s time periods. Unless otherwise noted, all other figures are based on same-client growth.


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