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How Social Networking Supports Australian Small Businesses & Communities, 2018 | Facebook

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Small and medium-sized enterprises are now considered as one of the keys to the progress and improvement of any society. Gradually, more and more SMEs are becoming aware of the importance of social networks in the day, but still, have doubts as to whether they provide benefits or not. Social networks can be an essential element in the marketing strategy and play a very important role, helping the brand positioning and differentiation. Social networks have evolved to become a very powerful tool for businesses. If brands have good use of these platforms, they can attract millions of new users at the same time they have direct contact with existing customers thereby improving the brand experience and reputation every day. Small and medium-sized enterprises should use social networks as an essential tool to grow. When considering social media marketing is that it provides instant feedback. A poor advertisement can light up social media better than a good ad, traditional marketing doesn’t tend to have the same kind of response rate.

The Key Findings of the “How Social Networking Supports Australian Small Businesses & Communities” Report:

  • 57% of SMBs with a Facebook page has hired more staff as a result of the growth they have experienced aided by Facebook.
  • 55% of Australians who use Facebook groups have made new friends directly through their use of these groups.
  • Tourism, accommodation & food services are ranked as the top small to midsize Australian industries using Facebook with a rate of 86%.
  • 83% of Australian Facebook users are a member of at least one Facebook group.
  • Buy, swap and sell is the most popular type of facebook groups for Australian users with a rate of 64%.
  • Australians spent an estimated $2.1 billion in 2017 on purchases from a business of any size after seeing an advert or promotion on Facebook.
The Most Popular Types of Facebook Groups, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Most Popular Types of Facebook Groups, 2018.

The Content of “How Social Networking Supports Australian Small Businesses & Communities” Report:

  • Snapshot.
  • Executive summary.
  • Social networking in Australia.
  • Removing barriers to help businesses find relevant consumers.
  • Connecting individuals to build resilient communities.
  • Endnotes.
  • Bibliography.

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  • 32 Pages.


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This report is prepared by (“PwC”) for Facebook’s use and benefit in accordance with and for the purpose set out in PwC’s engagement letter with Facebook dated 24 January 2018. Insights were driven from different sources mentioned inside the report.


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