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“Innovating with Impact” is the core theme of this year’s Edelman Digital Trends Report. As digital innovation extends to shape how organization’s work and how people live and interact with brands, businesses must evolve internally to succeed in today’s marketplace, whether by including a new workforce, restructuring to encourage intelligent innovation or integrating technologies and data to enable better decisions.

Edelman Digital and Kaleido Insights partner to release the 2019’s most impactful trends in technology, marketing, and culture. The report guides technology leaders, innovators, and marketers as they explore how to link digital investments to performance in ways that meaningfully affect positively their businesses, customers, and society.

The Top Digital Trends for 2019 Outlined in the Report

  • Gen Z will transform organizations as they’re coming to the workforce.
  • Businesses are moving toward an integrated marketing tech ecosystem.
  • Marketing innovation teams are at the forefront of understanding how to connect to customers.
  • Context + personalization = relevance. This means that consumers expect a higher degree of relevant, personalized and contextual content. So, brands should become more adept at meeting consumers regardless of time, place, or device.
The 2019 Digital trend Report - The Evolution of Innovation to Increase Ecosystem Accountability - Edelman Digital & Kaleido Insights

One of the best-in-class examples of how large companies are innovating with impact, beginning with marketing, and involving their ecosystem in the process.

The Content of “Digital Trends Report 2019”:

  • Impacting Tomorrow’s Workforce: Gen Z Will Transform Your Organization
  • Convergence: The Need for an Integrated Marketing Tech Ecosystem
  • Expanding Impact: How Brands Are Innovating With Their Ecosystems
  • Audience-Centric B2B: Driving Results in the Rapidly Evolving B2B Marketing Landscape
  • Data As Currency: Digital Identity and the Future of Customer Experience
  • The Context of Commerce: Cultivating Contextual Content for Social Commerce
  • Contextual Expectations: Decoding the Impact of Relevant Content
  • The Accessible, Accountable Executive: Evolving Expectations for the C-Suite
  • Influencing With Impact: Driving Real Value With Authentic Influencers
  • Intelligence With Impact: Marketing and Machines in an Artificially Intelligent World
  • An Ascendant Techlash: The Rise of AI Ethics in 2019

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