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Email Marketing Benchmarks – US and Canada, 2018 | GetResponse

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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available today. It helps marketers of all levels to create a campaign, upload a list and send it out.

As email marketing is a highly tracked place full of analytics, statistics, behaviors and trends, GetResponse launched its 2018 Email Marketing Benchmarks which focuses on the US and Canada markets. Hence the findings came to say:

  • Globally, the average open rate of emails reached 24.82% in 2018. It reached its peak in Europe and South America with an average open rate of 28.91% and 26.59%, respectively.
  • People use email on all devices, with mobile becoming a preferred platform with a rate of 33.43% in terms of open rates, and 38.56% in terms of clicks rate.

Industry Benchmarks: The United States Versus Canada

  • In the US, non-profits organizations have the highest emails’ open rate (35.5%), followed by publishing (34.4%) and health & beauty enterprises (33%).
  • In Canada, Publishing enterprises have the highest emails’ open rate (82.6%), followed by automotive enterprises (63.5%) and Non-profits organizations (58.7%).
  • The smaller the email lists are the highest open rate and click rate is. So, email list quality trumps quantity.
  • Weekends have the lowest open and click rates and in terms of hours, the biggest spike in average opens is at 1 am – but fewer than 1% of all emails are sent then.
Email Marketing Benchmarks - US and Canada, 2018 | GetResponse 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Two Pie Charts Show the Email Use by Devices in 2018 (Open Rates Vs. Clicks)


Data is based on an analysis of over 2 billion emails sent by our customers in 126 countries, across 19 industries.


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