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Marketers ranked email & social media as the top 2 digital channels for delivering an excellent return on investment (ROI) & 50% of marketers said that they will increase the email marketing budget in 2017.

Check the below highlights to discover how different industries use email marketing, and each industry’s benchmarks and how marketers can improve their email marketing effectiveness:

  • 58% of the email marketers surveyed said that their marketing budget will increase in 2017, 35% said that it will stay the same, while only 7% of marketers said that they tend to decrease the email marketing budget in 2017.
  • 51% of email marketers across the board don’t proactively test and optimize their emails at all! While the most popular test was subject lines with 26% of marketers said that they test their emails, it was also revealed that only 14% test the landing page.
  • On average 18% of marketers across all industries stated that email marketing delivers excellently.
  • More than 37% of retailers send at least 4 emails to their contacts every month.
  • The effectiveness of email marketing has been rated as excellent or good by 69% of marketers in legal services.
  • Only 11% of health and beauty companies run reactivation emails campaigns.
Email Marketing & Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks 2017 | GetResponse 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Chart Shows the Primary Metrics Used to Measure the Email’ Success Related to Email Marketing


Based on major research surveying 2,510 email marketers from a range of business sizes and industries around the world. The Survey representing more than 100 countries. 19.1% was B2B marketing, 41.8% was B2C marketing, with 39.1% both.


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