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Email subscribers’ engagement is an essential engine to drive email marketing performance. That’s why improving email engagement is a top strategic priority for 55% of marketing influencer who surveyed in 2018.

Take a sneak peek at the main highlights revealed by the “email marketing engagement survey”:

  • 79% of marketing influencers combined their email marketing strategy to be very/somewhat successful at achieving top priorities like improving engagement.
  • Improving quality of leads is the most challenging barrier to success for 45% of marketing influencers surveyed, followed by increasing email engagement with a rate of 43%.
  • In terms of the most effective tactic for improving email marketing engagement, single-topic email campaigns ranked the top with a rate of 46%, followed by new subscriber welcome email with 39%.
  • 44% claimed that integrating social media with email campaigns requires the most efforts to execute.
Email Marketing Engagement | Ascend2 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows a Comparison Between the Top Priorities and Challenging Barriers for Marketing Influencers in 2018


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