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Facebook Consumer Survey 2017 | CPC Strategy

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From cars to cappuccinos, Facebook is one of the few advertising platforms where a wide swath of company verticals can thrive with more than 4 million advertisers

Read the below and learn more about how Facebook users engage with ads, brands, retailers, and products on Facebook.

Users Who Click on Facebook Ads:

  • Users who click on Facebook ads are 3.5x more likely to buy.
  • 33.9% of respondent cited that they clicked on a Facebook ad, while nearly 60% didn’t do so.
  • 26% of those who clicked an ad complete a purchase.
  • 68% of respondents aged 18-24-years reported that they didn’t click on Facebook ads in the last 30 days, they were least likely to buy.

Facebook and Brand Awareness

  • 47.4% of respondents were introduced to a new brand or product on Facebook.
  • 26.9%% cited that they had prior knowledge about the brands and products they saw on Facebook.
  • 25.7% claimed that they didn’t see any products on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger for Brands & Retailers

  • The majority of respondents (82.2%) reported that they didn’t communicate with a brand or a retailer via Facebook Messenger overall, compared with 17.9% who did so.
  • Only 4.1% of them made a purchase via Facebook Messenger, while 5.7% used Facebook Messenger to contact customer service.

Feeling Towards Facebook Ads

  • Most of Facebook users (54.6%) feel positive or indifferent about ads on Facebook, while only 15.3% don’t notice ads on Facebook.
  • 30.2% of respondents find ads on Facebook to be irrelevant or annoying. They are likely to hide or report your ads.

Facebook Consumer Survey 2017-CPC Strategy


Data were driven by 1500 Facebook users. Data were conducted between March 14, 2017, and March 15, 2017.

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