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Facebook Trends in UK, July 2017 | Sotrender

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Facebook is forever evolving. In Q2 2017, it grabbed 2.006 billion monthly users. Europe only owned 360 million monthly users, while daily active users there estimated 271 million users.

There is also a question that social media marketers ask themselves all the time “What else are my fans and followers interested in?”. Keep an eye on the latest updates of Facebook fan page trends in July 2017 and find out more about who has the most fans or who is the most engaging:

  • Brands: “Manchester United” grew up by 2% to hit over 73 million fans, followed by “Adele “with over 65 million fans.
  • Finance & Banks: “HSBC” held the top rank of fans and engagement number (1.7M & 15K).
  • Retail & E-commerce: fans grew up by 4% to reach over 5.5M fans.
  • HR: Army jobs grabbed the highest number of fans, engagement, and active users.
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG): Rimmel London & Coca-Cola had the highest number of fans, while Burger King UK had the highest number of active users.
  • Alcohols & Spirits: “Smirnoff” had the ranked the top of all profiles in the number of fans in this category.
  • Cosmetics: “The Body shop” held the highest number of engagement and active users.
Facebook Trends in UK, July 2017 Sotrender

A Graph Shows The Facebook Trends in UK July 2017.


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