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The Alpha generation without defined characteristics and with the certainty that they will be immersed in a connected world, this generation refers to those who were born after the year 2010. They can be children from generation Y or Z generation. The Alpha generation is far from being just the next generation’s name or the new wave of society’s inhabitants. Descending from Z generation it represents the crossing of the Z generation with this new era, the digital era.
As indicated above the Alpha generation belongs to the group born after 2010. Despite this generation being relatively new, the use of technology, research facilitation and critical vision as characteristics of them can already be highlighted. Due to the appreciation of technological tools and the benefit of facilitated communication, in the future, the physical contact will become more valued, since it will be rare.

The Key Findings of “Generation Alpha: Preparing for the Future Consumer, 2019” Report:

  • 18% of surveyed generation alpha reported that they prefer to buy products that are sustainable and not plastic.
  • 66% of surveyed generation alpha mentioned that they want to buy from companies that are trying to do well in the world.
  • 82% of surveyed generation alpha indicated that they can’t wait to have their own money so they can buy the things that they want without asking their parents.
  • 51% of surveyed alphas said that they want a job where they can use technology to make a difference.
  • 53% of surveyed alpha generation indicated that they like to shop in the same way that their parents do which means if their mum and dad are making purchases online, so will they.
  • 14% of surveyed alphas mentioned that they would like to see influencers have their own retail outlets.
  • 28% of surveyed generation alpha reported that their friends influence them the most when they want to make purchases.
  • 24% of surveyed generation alpha are choosing online videos as their biggest influence.
  • 23% of surveyed alphas reported that the one thing that they would like to change about shopping is the ability to buy everything from one place.
  • 41% of surveyed alphas mentioned that they intend to make their purchases through Alexa when they get old.
Generation-Alpha-How would you most like to shop in 10-20 years time.

A Chart Shows How Generation Alpha Would Like To Make Purchases in 10-20 Years.

The Content of “Generation Alpha: Preparing for the Future Consumer, 2019” Report:

  • Foreword.
  • Introducing Generation Alpha.
  • The Power of Influencers.
  • Brands and Amazon’s Endurance.
  • Technologies of Tomorrow’s Shopper.
  • Defined by Delivery.
  • Conclusion: an Alpha Future.

Number of Pages:

  • 30 Pages.


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This report was conducted by independent research consultancy Censuswide. A total of 4,003 children aged between 6-16 were interviewed online during July 2019; 2,002 in the UK and 2,001 in the US.

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