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Generation X, as mentioned in this study, are defined as internet users who say they are aged 35-53 in 2017 (born 1964-1982). They’re busy professionals who wield great spending power. Unlike younger consumers, Generation X aren’t digital natives. In reality, they’re a highly engaged audience, drawn to meaningful and purposeful interactions in the online space.

Read the below and be in the know about the characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes of Generation X:

Profiling Gen X – What are some of the defining attributes of this generation?

  • The majority of Gen Xers are parents, in full-time employment, and they’re 29% more likely to be from the top income quartile.
  • The internet is the first place for 81% of Gen X when they need information.
  • 79% are interested in being well informed about things and 77% are interested in being aware of what is going on in the world.
Generation X: The 2018 Trends to Know | GlobalWebIndex 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows Some of the Attributes of Generation X – 2018

Device Trends – Which devices are most important to this generation?

  • 86% of Gen Xers access the internet via a smartphone device.
  • They’re now more likely to be getting online via a smartphone than a PC/laptop as they’re doing 56% of the 34 online activities, tracked in the survey, on their mobiles than their computers.
  • Gen Xers are more likely to use a mobile device to search for product/services than a PC/laptop (59% vs. 54%).
  • In another side, 49% use a mobile device to purchase a product online versus 46% who do so using a PC/laptop.
Generation X: The 2018 Trends to Know | GlobalWebIndex 2 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Most Used Devices for Online Activities of Generation X

Social Media – How socially-engaged are Generation X?

  • They spend almost 2 hours a day on social media and they’re also multi-networkers and have an average of 7 social media accounts.
  • Facebook is Gen X’s Social Hub, with 81% of them have an account on social media.
  • YouTube ranked as the first most visited/used social media platform.
  • 38% use social media to be updated with news/current affairs, while 30% use social media to find things that are funny or entertaining.
Generation X: The 2018 Trends to Know | GlobalWebIndex 3 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Reasons for Using Social Media by Gen X in 2018 –


Data were driven from a global sample size of 36,246 internet users from Generation X across 24 countries.


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