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Infographic: Beauty Fans, 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

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Beauty Fans are defined as internet users who have a strong interest in beauty products, aged between 16-64 years. The regular users are defined as those who use each brand’s products weekly or more.

The below points explains the demographics, lifestyles and online behaviors of beauty buyers on a global scale:

  • 23% of internet users are beauty fans. 41% of them are females, while only 8% are males. 73% of them are between 16-44 years.
  • 57% are more likely to follow brands they are thinking of buying something from.
  • 34% of Gen Z, 32% of Millennials, 21% of Gen X watched a consumer review of a product on YouTube last month.
  • Beauty fans are more likely to visit Pinterest (51%) & Instagram (32%) each month, while 66% are more likely to follow Vloggers.
  • TV Ads (44%), word of mouth recommendation (42%), search engines (41%), online ads (38%), recommendation/comment on a social network (34%) are the top 5 brand discovery routes for beauty fans.
  • 25 % said that seeing product endorsements on social media could motivate them to complete a purchase.
  • Beauty fans spent 2 h:44 m per day on social media, 1 h:9 m per day on online TV, 2 h:20 m per day on broadcast TV, and 1 h:13 m per day on music streaming.
  • Beauty fans spent on PC/tablet/laptop 3 h:56 m per day, and they spent 3h:32 m per day on mobile.
  • 87% of beauty fans have visited the Facebook platforms in the past month.
Beauty fans GWI 2

A Graph Shows the Percentages of Users Who Said They Use Social Media to Search for Brands, Products & Services in 2017


Data were driven from 89,392 internet users aged 16-64 years across 40 markets. All figures are drawn from GWI Q1 2017 report.


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