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Most brands are aware of the importance of responding to their customers in a timely manner, as technology advances, consumers are becoming less and less patient. Most consumers expect an immediate response from a brand when something goes awry, and to get those responses, an increasing number are turning to social. Most brands have a general sense of the age and gender of their followers, through Thanks to Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.

Via collecting all tweets – 2 million total tweets- from 20 brands including leading brands from tech, electronics, airlines, grocery and retail companies, the brands can have a general sense of the age and gender, also demographics of their followers.

Take a glance at the mentioned brands via social media insights:

  • For example, Fast food restaurant company called Taco Bell’s:
    – Taco Bell’s Twitter audience is 51% female, yet the majority of those tweeting at –mention- Taco Bell are men (57%).
    – & Because Taco Bell audience is comprised mostly of millennials, Taco Bell invested in an emoji- engine to respond to customers based on the emoji used in each incoming tweet.
  • Women, for example, are more likely to tweet positive comments, while men are more likely to tweet complaints.
  • Tweets from customers mentioning @Amazon For example, the search tells that most tweets come from English-speaking regions such as the US and UK.
  • Entertainment, financial, and automotive brands typically receive more messages on weekends, while tech brands receive the most engagement in the middle of the week.
  • Electronics Company can expect the majority of incoming messages to come from men 35 and under.
  • Airlines responded to 85% of brand mentions, while tech companies responded to only 5%.
  • Both electronics brands and grocers responded to roughly half, while retail responded to 22%.
Brands Mentioned by Gender and Age.

A Figure Shows Brands Mentioned by Gender and Age.

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