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State of Social Media Report’20 – 4th Edition | Crowd Analyzer

Social Media Insights | Egypt

Social media has become a huge and essential part of our lives, not only that but also it is not only about sharing photos and media.

It should be mentioned that every little thing done on social media can affect business decisions for every brand, organization, and agency worldwide. That means social media has its own transformative power.

Keep on reading the report of the state of social media 2020 for further information about social media platforms worldwide.

The State of Social Media 2020: Social Media Use in KSA, UAE, and Egypt:

  • Unlike last year, Egypt had 39 million active users on Facebook, however, this year it has 38 million active users. However, in Saudia Arabia there are 13 million active users, 10 million of them are just male users. while the UAE has 8 million active users. As obvious the number of active users has decreased.
  • When it comes to Instagram, Egypt comes first with 11 million active users, Saudi Arabia with 12 million active users, and UAE with only 3.8 million active users.
  • Saudi Arabia tops the list when it comes to Twitter with 14 million active users, Egypt 4.1 million active users, followed by UAE with 3 million active users.

    The Ultimate Report of the State of Social Media 2020 | DMC

    A figure shows the interests and hobbies of Facebook users in Egypt.

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Share of Voice Analysis for Telecommunication in Egypt, KSA, UAE, and Kuwait:

Social media is a key driver of making a real and meaningful connection with customers. The following chart shows the share of voice analysis in Egypt, KSA, UAE, and Kuwait.

The Ultimate Report of the State of Social Media 2020 | DMC

This share of voice analysis for telecommunication is based on a sample of monitored activities about telecommunications brands in these countries, indicating top and least user engagement rates.

  • Based on the state of social media 2020 and as shown in the figure, Egypt tops the list with a high percentage of 74%.
  • Followed by KSA, with a percentage of 15%.
  • Comes in third place UAE, with a percentage of 7%.
  • Lastly, Kuwait with a percentage of 4%.
Top Brands SOV Per Country

The Ultimate Report of the State of Social Media 2020 | DMC

Social Media Usage by Ride-Hailing in the Middle East in 2020:

A big part of the success of the popular ride-hailing companies in the MENA region is social media marketing.

  • Uber has an SOV of 73% in KSA, 51% in UAE, 28% in Egypt, 68% in Lebanon, 70% in Bahrain, and 54% in Jordan.
  • Careem has an SOV of 27% in KSA, 49% in UAE, 46% in Egypt, 32% in Lebanon, 30% in Bahrain, and 46% in Jordan.

Time analysis (Best Day/ Hour)

According to the state of social media 2020, this analysis is based on a sample of all ride-hailing activities about monitored brands in the MENA region.

The Ultimate Report of the State of Social Media 2020 | DMCBased on the state of social media 2020 and according to the figure, the best hour is 2:00 PM and the least hour is 2:00 AM.

Make sure to download the ultimate report of the state of social media 2020 here.

The Table of Content of “State of Social Media Report’20 – 4th Edition”:

  • State of social media report purpose
  • 2020 social media health check
    • social media insights per country on:
    • Egypt
    • Saudi Arabia
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Kuwait
  • Deep dive into industries social media analysis
    • Telecommunication
    • Banking & Finance
    • eCommerce
    • Automotive
    • Ride-hailing

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