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2020 is the year that has made us all impressed!

Changes are happening to all industries. However, in this report an important and significant industry will be talked about, as The Future of Retail 2020 Report covers what is expected for US retail and eCommerce markets in 2020; not only that but also highlights the 10 key trends that will make corrections in the retailer performance and American consumer behavior.

What Will Reshape Physical US Retail?

The retail industry is encountering a great transformation in eCommerce and brick-and-mortar.

As for the brick-and-mortar, innovation in experiential and frictionless retail will begin to scale. On the other hand, the physical “Retail as a Service” platforms will bring more digitally native brands to the people through brick-and-mortar storefronts and experiences.

On the other hand, there are innovations that will have an influence on how consumers shop online, as we witness the social commerce will evolve how consumers discover and shop for brands digitally with shoppable content to checkout. In addition to the digital payment plans that will make eCommerce purchases more affordable.

The US Retail Sales 2019—2023

As we are talking about the US retail sales, the chart below shows that retail sales are expected to grow 2.0% to $6.574 trillion in 2020, which represents a deceleration of the retail market amid growing economic uncertainty.

The US Retail Sales 2019—2023

A Figure Shows the US Retail Sales 2019—2023

The Top 10 US Retailers, Ranked by Store Closing Vs. Opening, Jan 1-July 31, 2019


  1. Dollar General: 975
  2. Dollar Tree: 500
  3. O’Reilly Automotive: 210
  4. Walgreens: 200
  5. Couche-Tard: 200
  6. AutoZone: 155
  7. Marathon Oil: 150
  8. Five Below: 145
  9. Old Navy: 116
  10. Aldi: 100


  1. Payless ShoeSource: 2,354
  2. Gymboree: 839
  3. Family Dollar: 430
  4. Shopko: 363
  5. Fred’s: 313
  6. Charming Charlie: 264
  7. Things Remembered: 226
  8. Dress Barn: 204
  9. GNC: 200
  10. Lifeway Christian: 170
The Top 10 US Retailers, Ranked by Store Closing Vs. Opening, Jan 1-July 31, 2019

The Top 10 US Retailers, Ranked by Store Closing Vs. Opening, Jan 1-July 31, 2019

The Table of Contents of “The Future of Retail 2020” Report:

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Themes Influencing the 2020 Retail Landscape
  • eMarketer’s 2020 Retail and Ecommerce Forecast
    • No. 1: D2C Brands Will Leap into the Mainstream Through Traditional Means
    • No. 2: Frictionless Commerce Will Speed Up Brick-and-Mortar Transactions
    • No. 3: Brandless Brands Will Surge as Consumers Prioritize Value Over Marketing
    • No. 4: Social Commerce Will Succeed in Closing the Loop on Limited-Edition Products—but Will Mostly Shine Mid-Funnel
    • No. 5: Shoppable Content Will Evolve Toward Sight, Sound and Motion
    • No. 6: Fast Delivery Competition Will Accelerate the Ecommerce Channel Shift
    • No. 7: ‘Retail as a Service’ Will Lower Barriers to Entry in Ecommerce and Brick-and-Mortar
    • No. 8: Subscription Commerce Will Heat Up as Retailers Look to Loyalty for Growth
    • No. 9: Recommerce Repositions as Shoppers Get Comfortable with Secondhand Fashions
    • No. 10: Digital Installment Plans Will Gain Popularity for Budget-Conscious Consumers in a Tighter Economy
  • Key Takeaways
  • eMarketer Interviews
  • Read Next
  • Sources
  • Media Gallery
The Future of Retail 2020 Report by eMarketer

The Future of Retail 2020 Report by eMarketer

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