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The use of social media has risen steadily in recent decades and has been largely a ‘south to north’ phenomenon, with 98% of digital consumers worldwide are social media users, and adoption is high even among 55-64s (94%). They spend an average of 2 hours 22 minutes daily on social networks and messaging. GlobalWebIndex Social Media Flagship provides the most important insights into the world of social media.

Key Findings of The Latest Social Media Trends 2019:

  • Facebook is still the most used social media platforms in terms of the number of members, while YouTube is the top in terms of visitors/users.
  • Focusing on China, WeChat is the top social media platform, followed by Baidu Tieba.
  • Twitter has the higher number rates of users in Colombia (60%), Mexico (58%), India (57%) and Saudi Arabia (57%).
  • 36% of social media users follow brands they like on social media.
Most Popular Social Media in 2019

A Figure Shows the Most Popular Social Media Worldwide in 2018

Content of “The Latest Trends in Social Media” Report:

  • Introduction
  • Key Insights
  • Social Media Landscape
  • Social Media Behaviors
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Entertainment on Social Media
  • Notes on Methodology

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Data were driven from GlobalWebIndex’s online research among internet users aged 16-64 who are representative of the online populations of each market, not its total population.

It worth to be mentioned that, every year, GlobalWebIndex interviews over 400,000 internet users aged 16- 64. Respondents complete an online questionnaire that asks them a wide range of questions about their lives, lifestyles and also digital behaviors.


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GlobalWebIndex is a leading market research company headquartered in London that provides digital consumer insights across 44 countries to the world's largest brands, marketing agencies and media organizations. Maintaining a global panel of more than 22 million connected consumers which leverage to create 25,000 data points to profile internet users around the world. Providing a combination of survey and analytics data. Since launching in 2009, GlobalWebIndex has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing data technology companies.


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