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The Smart Social Report: Facebook Reactions in 2017 | Spredfast

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Facebook reactions -the Love, Wow, Ha-ha, Sad & Angry icons that appear when you hover over the Like- were launched in the spring of 2016, via studying these reactions usage, for over 67,000 Facebook posts, 100 brands, across 10 verticals during the year.

The insights will help the marketers to create more engaging content and quickly identify when content has missed its mark, expect reactions in the coming year, which will help to make smarter decisions:

  • Verticals like Travel, CPG, and celebrities performing better on a percentage basis with loves compared to other verticals.
  • Media, the vertical that enjoys the highest rich engagement, received about 50% more rich reactions than financial services and insurance on average.
  • Marketers in the financial services and insurance industries should expect more angry reactions than other brands. It seems that consumers enjoy venting against these types of companies.
  • Electronics over-performed with the Wow reaction with most of the engagement.
  • Video posts were the most likely to receive the highest percentage of loves and Wows.
  • Loves were the most frequently used of all non-like reactions, but that was the biggest gains came from the Ha-ha reaction, with a 185 % increase in usage in the last Q4 of the year.
  • Users also become much more comfortable with the angry reaction–increasing its adoption by 87%.
  • A high number of “Angries” in response when brands posts to announce last-minute changes or apologize for product failures.
Percent of non-like reactions Q4 vs. Q 1-3

A Graph Shows The Percentage of Using Emotion Buttons.

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