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The State of Email Marketing by Industry, 2016 | GetResponse, Smart Insights & Holistic

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Email marketing is the act of sending the right message at the right time to the right person, and this is not an easy mission. that’s why 57% of the email marketers surveyed plan to increase their email marketing budget in the future.

Find out how each industry rates the effectiveness of various marketing channels in generating higher returns on their marketing investment:

  • Affiliate network marketers claim that they gained the best ROI with email marketing, and generating more leads their top benefit of email marketing.
  • For agencies, SEO ranks the top followed by email marketing.
  • Email marketing comes again to rank the top in achieving ROI for consulting marketers followed by content marketing.
  • SEO & social media grabs the higher 3 levels of achieving the best ROI, in the consumer goods industry.
  • Marketing services providers reported that email marketing leads the way in delivering good ROI with a rate of 54%.
  • Email marketing also leads the digital marketing channels based on ROI in the retail & e-commerce sector.
  • 64% of marketers in publishing & media sector underscored that email marketing delivers good or excellent ROI.
  • Marketers in the education sector claim that improving sales (21%) & generating leads (20%) are the greatest benefits of email marketing.
  • In the online advertising network, marketers said that social media delivers excellent ROI with a rate of 56%.
  • In travel & transportation sector, SEO leads the way in delivering excellent ROI at a rate of 24% with email marketing in second place at a rate of 20%.
  • In vacations, hotels & leisure sectors, SEO and email marketing rank the top with equal rates estimated with 59% for both of them.
  • In the finance, banking & insurance sectors, email marketing leads the way in delivering excellent ROI with 17%, followed by PPC (14%).
  • In the health & wellness sector, social media is the channel delivering the highest ratio of excellent ROI (14%), followed closely by email marketing (13%).
  • In IT & high-tech sector, email marketing grabs the first level of the digital marketing channels based on the ROI with excellent and good rates totaled 56%.
  • In the online business sector, marketers believe that email marketing is the channel that delivers the best ROI, with 25% of marketers stating it delivers excellent ROI.
The Digital Marketing Channels based on The ROI That They Generate.

A Graph Shows A Rating of The Digital Marketing Channels based on The ROI That They Generate.


Data were driven from 1831 of Smart Insights members and GetResponse customers around the world, and from businesses covering the full range of industry sectors.


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