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Crafting the Future Course of Email Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence | Apr 02, 2020

A digital marketing avenue fades away; email marketing has taken the form of a colossus. Contrary to preconceived notions, email isn’t a static technology. It has grown like other internet tools and evolved with time.

Artificial intelligence has massively expanded what you achieve through email marketing. It enables better personalization and driving fast conversions. AI surpasses the greatest copywriters by maximizing and enhancing subject lines for ads and clicks. It accurately tracks their performance.

AI Email Marketing

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Email Marketing

  • AI produces predictive analytics, which helps determine the disposition of future email marketing engagements on the basis of past conversions.
  • AI generates the content and optimizes it in several email-friendly modalities and formats.
  • AI eliminates any guesswork from your emails’ timing, following up, and consistently retargeting them by analyzing the browsing preferences and habits of customers.
  • Your email subject lines are one of the most crucial aspects of your marketing strategy.
  • Traditionally, a good copywriter puts in a lot of analysis and experimentation to produce the best subject lines for a particular user-base, but AI is now making things simpler.
  • It uses algorithms to create subject lines that obtain a better click-through rate. Automating content and determining optimal aspects are two other benefits of integrating AI in email marketing.

AI-powered tools can use pre-written images, copy, blog posts, promotions, links, curated content and snippets, and even machine-driven content for generating emails that you optimize for a high engagement rate.

Expected benefits of implementing artificial intelligence for marketing sales 2019

A Graph Shows the Expected Benefits Delivered to Marketing & Sales Due to Implementing Artificial Intelligence, 2019

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AI Usage in Email Marketing

Gone are the days of making gut, instinctive calls on email marketing. With Artificial Intelligence, you can optimize sending times of emails. Marketers leverage their ability to personalize emails at scale.

Consumers anticipate highly personalized experiences and recommendations, but it’s virtually impossible for brands to deliver that quality to each individual consumer.

  • That’s the main glitch with email deliveries. It’s impossible for you to send emails at that scale. This is where AI kicks in.
  • Seventh Sense is a tool that uses AI to assess heaps of data from your Marketo portal, HubSpot portal, and corporate email chain.
  • It uses that data to build a predictive model for every contact.

Segmenting email lists is another important pointer. Smart brands know the merit of solid lists. They categorize their consumers before sending custom emails and proper, segmented email campaigns. They increase revenue by 800%.

Cohesive segmentation with Artificial intelligence is a great thing to start because it helps in building and developing an engaged email list that bolster opens and subsequent clicks.

Salesforce is an AI tool that analyzes your subscriber’s behaviors, website forms, and purchase patterns. It helps in identifying patterns that help in segmenting your consumers in new ways.

Know the Artificial Intelligence Features

AI entails every feature that can change the ambit of email marketing. If you have an online presence and obtain organic followers from Gramista, you need to sustain them as well. You need to keep three things in mind.

  • First thing is to detect. AI has the features to detect which elements of a present set of data hold the most predictive components. It can decipher which ones need attention and which things you must ignore.
  • Second, this is to deliberate. Additionally, AI also entails the bandwidth to assess the most predictive traits against one another amidst the concerned collected data while you make answer a question or make a recommendation.
  • The third point is to develop. AI’s subfield is machine learning as it assists programming, assessing and re-programming things while maturing with every aspect and iteration. It even analyzes and modifies data on the basis of extracted information and experimentation results.

Additionally, with AI revenues rising from around $10 billion in 2018 to an expected $120 billion by 2025, it’s crystal clear that AI is about to witness a herculean growth. It would cause an unprecedented development and betterment of email marketing as well.

  • AI can provide a detailed analysis of different email marketing campaigns.
  • It can even bolster the regular performance and results of email marketing.
  • AI can help brands in locating new consumers while retaining new clients.
  • It provides better insights into your business growth.
Values expected from investment in AI 2019

A Graph Shows The Values Expected From The Investment in Artificial Intelligence, 2019

Some Great AI Tools

The main advantage of artificial intelligence in email campaigns is, of course, to enhance customization. Making custom email directives manually would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, new brands don’t need to choose between the efficacy and effectiveness of their budget and campaigns.

1. Phrasee is a wonderful example of an AI tool that boosts clicks and sales conversions by just picking the best subject lines or headlines for your emails. It creates smart algorithms to evaluate your content. It predicts your contact’s responses. It chooses the best appropriate writing format to reflect your business’ specifics.

2. Zeta Global is a great AI solution that panders to different types of content. The tool personalized your content for users, enhancing clicks and engagement. This tool can enhance your sales by underlining the most relevant material that fits your audiences’ preferences. It takes your website’s activity into account.

3. Strong Analytics is another stellar AI tool. It automatically adjusts the timing and content of your emails. It displays better results than conventional A/B testing. It directs subscribers towards your brand’s objectives and assesses their online activity. The tool also examines social media shares and purchases.

4. Drift is an extremely beneficial tool, which you can integrate with your automation medium. It helps you manage the concerned replies to your email marketing. It records new replies and transfers them immediately to your database. Using Siftrock, you can know when somebody leaves your business.

Additionally, these tools can immediately notify a dedicated team member to quickly initiate action.

A Summation

Effective and planned email marketing is primarily about understanding and channelizing of useful technologies and innovations. That’s why you need to start examining how artificial intelligence in an email campaign can bolster your brand’s strategy.

AI tools and tech is very useful because it analyzes and segments data in an efficient manner. Humans cannot do it on a huge scale.

AI in any type of marketing allows businesses to easily discern the most effective elements. AI firewalls are systematically their modalities to block unwanted emails.


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