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4 Ways to Make a Great Impression on Your Clients

Growth Hacking | Feb 05, 2020

You’re establishing your business, focusing on effective marketing, and want to serve as many satisfied, enthusiastic clients as possible. Authentic relationship building is an essential part of gaining and retaining a loyal client base, but figuring out how to initiate the process can be challenging.

Keep reading to learn how to make a good first impression and to create and sustain good relationships with your customers.

How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Clients in 4 Ways

How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Clients in 4 Ways

How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Clients in 4 Ways

1. Personal Relationships

So much business is conducted online these days — at times, it can seem like we live in a virtual world. Whether you have an online or a brick-and-mortar business, strategically cultivating personal connection through occasional phone calls, personal notes, and IRL meetings (if possible) will engender trust and set you apart.

It’s important that you carefully plan and streamline the manner in which you make real-life contacts; once you’ve set up a system, it’ll be less time-consuming to implement. Even video conferencing (via Zoom, Skype, or another method) can help lend a personal touch. Seeing another face in real-time is a good way to bridge the digital divide.

Time-honored ways of showing genuine care and interest are valuable in this distracted age; remembering names, details about clients, smiling sincerely, and making good eye contact all make a difference.

2. Lead Nurturing

Technopedia defines a lead generation as the “process of using online marketing tools and techniques to build a prospective client’s interest in a product or service.” Lead nurturing involves sending content that’s specific and relevant to a customer at every step of the relationship.

When considering how to make an impression on your clients, it’s crucial to include lead generation and lead nurturing as a vital aspect of initiating and maintaining a strong rapport. Quite a few companies neglect this aspect as part of their business plan.

Mapping out a non-intrusive, consistent strategy may initially take time and effort, but will pay off not only in the quality of your first impression but also in the sustainability of your ongoing collaboration.

3. Online Presence

A professional, attractive, comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website is a desired “front door” to your business — even if you provide your services IRL. This is a high-priority area for making a strong positive impression on your clients. It’s important that your website aligns well with your services, your ideal customer, and your marketing style.

Don’t skimp on your design!

There are four broad ways to approach building a website, at four different price points:

  1. going DIY,
  2. working with a designer who’s template-based,
  3. hiring a small design firm that provides custom designs,
  4. and teaming up with a large firm that serves high-profile clients.

Doing thorough research on available design services and the websites of competitors will help you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

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4. Social Media

Well-curated social media is rarely optional these days when showing your company “face” to the public is so important. It’s one of the most powerful ways to form and maintain a great impression. Social media campaigns tend to be most successful when they’re well-coordinated with your company’s website, print collateral, and the style/tone of your written copy.

Running social media sites can be time-consuming. Thorough planning (using schedules, social media templates, and automated systems) makes the job much easier.

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Once you’ve checked out the social media pages of similar businesses, select the platforms that seem most appropriate. It’s not necessary to use them all. Choose astutely, keeping your employees and financial resources in mind.

When you’ve established your social media presence, continuous positive interaction with your community is critical — be original and have fun with it! No matter what the slant of your business, it’s possible to inject warmth, whimsy, and novelty into your posts. The amount and content of the feedback you receive will give you invaluable information.

Final Word

Making a favorable impression on clients is a multifaceted process. From first impressions to working together over the long haul, try these approaches to help generate a positive impact on both your company and your clients!


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