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Infographic: How to Steal Your Email Subscribers’ Hearts This Valentine’s Day | Campaigner

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Building Valentine’s Day email campaign that your subscribers would fall in love with is all about knowing your audience and finding a strong way to elicit customer engagement.

Follow the below points which guide you to make the excellent Valentine’s Day campaign ideas for email marketing:

  • Making the right offer and provide the most suitable products and services a person would like to receive on such occasion.
  • Make a connection between your email campaign and social media by using #hashtag and announce a contest to drive engagement with your brand on social.
  • Invite your subscribers to share photos on social platforms with your products or using your service.
  • Make your email simple and show subscribers that you know and care about them.
  • Include emoji’s in subject lines to catch the eye.
  • Segment your audience by gender, location, engagement, etc.
  • Use purchase behavior to target past buyers.
  • Offer free shipping or online gift card options.
  • Always test before hitting send.
How to Create the Best Email Marketing Campaign This Valentine's Day

Graph Shows the Best Times for an Email Marketing Campaign During Valentine’s Day


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