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The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising | Buffer

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Social media today has become the most effective digital advertising channel for getting more impressions, clicks, and conversions. Facebook stands out as 7x cheaper than other social media channels.

This guide features the exact steps to build up your own paid ads campaigns.

How to choose your Facebook Ad Type

  1. Boost your posts.
  2. Promote your page.
  3. Send people to your website.
  4. Increase conversions on your website.
  5. Get Installs of Your App.
  6. Increase engagement in your app.
  7. Reach people near your business.
  8. Raise attendance at your event.
  9. Get people to claim your offer.
  10. Get online video views.
  11. Collect leads for your business.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising | Buffer 1 | Digital Marketing Community

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The Table of Content of “The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising”:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: an introduction to Facebook Ads
    • All the basics you need to get up and running with Facebook Ads.
  • Chapter 2: The 11 Different Types of Facebook Ads
    • And how to set each one up
  • Chapter 3: How to choose an audience for your Facebook Ad.
  • Chapter 4: Budgeting, Analysis, and successful strategies.

Number of Pages:

  • 51 Pages


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