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If you could use software that increased the number of leads you generate by over 400%, would you use it?

Of course you would.

After all, no matter what industry you’re in, one of your key responsibilities is to generate new leads for your business. So any software that can do that for you would be welcomed by you and your team.

Good news. There is software that can have that kind of impact on your business. As you probably know, it’s called marketing automation software and, according to a recent study by the Annuitas Group, it has the potential to increase qualified leads 451% for the companies that use it. That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that there are a lot of myths around how to use marketing automation to generate good leads.

GetResponse took a look at the most common myths and figured out how to clear up some of the misconceptions. Hopefully, with this analysis of the marketing automation landscape and tips on how to improve your results, you’ll see that this powerful technology is everything it’s cracked up to be.

Download the guide now, and get powerful insights into the world of Marketing Automation.

The Contents of “The Seven Most Common Marketing Automation Myths“:

1. Introduction
2. Marketing Automation Is Just Too Impersonal.
3. A “Set It and Forget It” Approach Works When It Comes to Marketing Automation.
4. Marketing Automation Can Only Be Used for Email.
5. Marketing Automation Is Only Useful for People in the Marketing Department.
6. Marketing Automation Is Too Expensive for a Company My Size.
7. Marketing Automation Requires a Great Deal of Technical Expertise.
8. Marketing Automation and CRM Are Basically the Same Thing.
9. The Bottom Line

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