Facebook Influenced Gifting Inspiration of Millennials Christmas Shoppers

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47% of Millennials Christmas Shoppers Are Influenced by Facebook for Gifting Inspiration, 2017 | NRF

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Surprisingly, digital media channels such as Facebook (29%), email advertisements (24%), retailer apps (17%) and Pinterest (17%) played a smaller role in gifting inspiration for the Christmas shoppers, while 43% of shoppers are more taken by the TV.

But these channels didn’t have the same effect on all demographics, 47% of Millennials were mostly influenced by the Facebook with the same power of the TV, while Gen Z was more inspired by the TV (46%) & Instagram (44%).

It worth to say that the older ages are less inspired by the digital channels, Gen X inspired more with the TV (44%), Facebook (31%), also the Boomers are inspired more by the TV (41%), Facebook (15%).

Digital Channels Usage for Holiday Gifting Inspiration Across All Demographics.


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