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67% of Americans Will Search for Gifts Online This Upcoming Holiday Season, 2017 | Fluent

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Also, all the months of the year are filled with peak shopping days and peak return days, But the busiest season of the year is the ” Christmas”, It’s critical also to polish the retailer focus with trusted numbers to reach the peak and best results.

A survey conducted by “Fluent” shows that 67% of American’s holiday shoppers indicated that they will do research gifts online this upcoming holiday season versus 47% who prefers to do so but in-store.

In terms of the main sources of getting information about holiday sales; online & TV Ads came at the top of the list with rates of 51% and 50% respectively.

It worth to be mentioned that, younger consumers who aged 18-34 years – spend more time on social media; so they’re more likely to notice Ads on these platforms than older shoppers.

67% of Americans Holiday Shoppers will Search Gifts Online, 2017 | Fluent

Graphs Show Where Will Americans Shoppers Search for Products this Holiday Season, 2017 – Fluent.

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