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The Most Critical Factors That Drives Account-Based Marketing to Success, 2018

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Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on a set of clearly defined targeted accounts. These targeted accounts are pre-agreed upon internally across marketing, sales and senior leadership teams as the most crucial prospects for the business overall. Successfully executing ABM involves building personalized outreach strategies for each of these accounts. ABM deployments require the sales, marketing and customer relationship teams within an organization to converge in order to target specific prospective customers.

Take a glance at the most account-based marketing critical success factors from the B2B marketer’s point of view:

  • Alignment with the sales team is ranked as the top factor that drives the success of account-based marketing by surveyed B2B marketers at a rate of 49%.
  • Identifying targeted accounts & the ability of measuring success are ranked as the second critical factor of the account based marketing success at a rate of 46%.
  • Budget & people resources come at next as critical factors in driving account-based marketing success at a rate of 38%.
  • Having the right content also listed as a critical factor that drives the account based marketing success at a rate of 21%.
Most Critical Factors in Driving ABM Success

A Graph Shows The Most Critical Factors That Drives Account Based Marketing Success.

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