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Top USA B2B Marketers Areas of Increased Investment in 2019

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B2B marketing is important for companies that want to enter the selected / target market and from this may depend on the success of the company. Companies also need to gain the necessary knowledge, business network, and experience, and with the help & support of the partners want to provide a better market position. Investing more on B2B tactic usually depends on the effectiveness showed by this tactic, companies due to market conditions are becoming increasingly narrow specialized, in order to achieve a competitive advantage and B2B marketing is a link between the provider and the end users.

Take a glance at the top areas of increased investment by USA B2B marketers in 2019:

  • Social media is ranked as the most B2B tactic with an increase in investment by B2B marketers at a rate of 54%.
  • Search engine optimization is ranked as the second increased investment area by surveyed B2B marketers at a rate of 52%.
  • Content marketing comes at next as an increased area of investment by surveyed B2B marketers at a rate of 50%.
  • Blogs & email marketing also listed as areas that surveyed B2B marketers indicated that they are going to invest more on it at a rate of 42%.
Top 5 Areas Of Increased Investment in B2B Market, 2019

A Graph Shows The Top 5 Increased Investment Areas by USA B2B Marketers in 2019.

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