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Personalization Is The Most Emerging Trend Will Influence B2B Marketers Plans With a Rate of 58%, 2018 | Contentive

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The key trend for B2B marketers is a focus on personalization and artificial intelligence to tailor marketing messages based on account-based targeting. Advancements in artificial intelligence and marketing automation have enabled B2B marketers to experiment with chatbots and personalization to create a customer-centric experience and track the end-to-end buyer’s journey.

Take a glance at the most trends that influence b2b marketers marketing plans:

  • 58% of surveyed b2b marketers reported that personalization will have the greatest influence on their marketing plans.
  • 45% mentioned that artificial intelligence & influencer marketing are the most trends that could influence their marketing plans in the next year.
  • 42% indicated that data protection/privacy is going to influence their marketing plans in the next 12 months.
The Trends That Would Influence B2B Marketers Marketing Plans 2018

A Graph Shows The Emerging Trends That Would Influence The B2B Marketers Marketing Plans.


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