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Digital Marketing Tactics Effectiveness & Difficulty Comparison, 2019

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Tactical marketing focuses on the details to achieve objectives, with a strategy in place, the actions or tactics needed to reach goals can be set into motion. Creating tactics that support marketing strategies involve detailed profiles of customers. Tactical marketing often involves generating leads, building websites, placing ads, and following up, It includes advertising, sales promotions, and other activities that directly support the strategic marketing plans.

Take a glance at a comparison between digital marketing tactics effectiveness & difficulty:

  • 58% of surveyed marketer reported that content marketing is the most effective tactic with a difficulty rate of 49%.
  • 50% of surveyed marketers indicated that search engine optimization is effective with a difficulty rate of 40%.
  • 47% of surveyed marketers mentioned that email marketing is an effective tactic with a difficulty rate of 14%.
  • 34% said that search and social ads are effective with a difficulty rate of 18%.
Comparing digital marketing tactics effectiveness & difficulties 2019.

A Graph Shows a Compare between Marketing Tactics Effectiveness & Difficulty, 2019.


Research-Based Marketing

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