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Personalized\dynamic Content is The Most Marketing Automation Effective Optimizing Tactic at a Rate of 51%, 2018 | Ascend2 & ClickDimension

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Marketers are leveraging the power of marketing automation to refine, target, and optimize program initiatives, including customizing content and automating communications. Marketing automation technology empowers marketers to improve their knowledge of buyer behavior and understand how it plays out in campaigns. The goal of marketing automation is to transform raw leads into sales-ready leads in a consistent and repeatable process and helps to bridge the gap between lead generation activities and follow up by sales.

Take a glance at the most marketing automation optimization effective tactics:

  • Personalized\dynamic content is ranked as the most effective tactic to optimize marketing automation at a rate of 51%.
  • Customer experience mapping is ranked as the second most marketing automation optimizing tactic at a rate of 45%.
  • Landing page form CTA come at next at a rate of 43%.
The Most Effective Marketing Automation Optimization Tactics, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Most Effective Marketing Automation Optimization Tactics, 2018.


Research-Based Marketing

Ascend2 is a team of research and marketing professionals providing Research-Based Marketing exclusively for marketing technology companies and agencies with a proprietary process that allow them to conduct primary research, create content and generate demand that addresses any specific business development needs of marketing solution firms in as little as two weeks at a guaranteed cost per lead.

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