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Why B2B Organization Are Gating Their Content, 2019

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One of the most common ways to convert leads is by “gating content” which means that the prospect will need to fill in their data to get access to the content, it is defined as content that cannot be accessed, either by a human or a web index crawler, unless the user provides some information in return.

Marketers typically use email forms and subscription gates to exchange contact information for well-researched useful content. Web crawlers, or robots, do not read websites the same way that humans do, so gating content means hiding some of the most informative and valuable content from search bots whose main purpose is to find the answers to users’ questions.

Take a glance at why B2B Organization Are Gating Their Content, 2019:

  • Earning qualified leads is ranked as the main objective by surveyed B2B organizations to gate their content with a rate of 62%.
  • Adding prospects into automated marketing programs is ranked as the second motivation factor for B2B organizations for gating their content with a rate of 53%.
  • Create an air of exclusivity around the content comes next as a factor that B2B organizations are gating their content to achieve with a rate of 45%.
  • Proving content ROI also listed as a reason for surveyed B2B organization to gate their content with a rate of 36%.
Why B2B Organizations Gate Content 2019

A Graph Shows Why B2B Organizations Gate Content, 2019.

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