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How Consumers Like to Receive Communications From Retailers, 2019

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Retailers have a wide variety of ways to communicate with consumers. Some of them are impersonal, like mass advertising or publicity, but many are personalized because of technology. Think about all the ways that consumers like it to keeps in touch with retailers such as social media, emails, text messages and coupons in the mail. Websites were recently the most retailers favorite way of communications with customers, retailers have been increasingly using websites to build their brand image and to communicate with the consumers. but consumers have another opinion with there most favorite communication method.

Take a glance at how consumers like to receive communications from retailers, 2019:

  • 9% of surveyed consumers reported that they like receiving communications from retailers via Email.
  • 43% indicated that they like receiving promotion/communication from retailers in an application on their smartphones.
  • 2% mentioned that their favorite way of communication with retailers is through social media platforms.
  • 6 of surveyed consumers said that they like receiving communications from retailers through the store’s website.
How Consumers Like to Receive Communications from retailers 2019

A Graph Shows How Consumers Like To Receive Communications From Retailers, 2019.

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