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The Influencer Marketing Potential On Internet Users, 2019

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Influencer marketing focuses on reaching influencers, individuals that have a strong impact on potential buyers. By directing marketing efforts toward these influencers, companies hope that they spread positive word-of-mouth about the brands’ products or services in their network. One form of social media marketing companies are using, is to pay influencers to promote their products or services on Instagram. In order to do this, a company has to find a relevant influencer, someone who has a great fit with the brand and their values, and who has, in addition, a great impact on the target market. Social influencers are individuals that can effectively influence purchasing decisions of connected others because of their authority, knowledge, or position, and whose opinions are valued by a considerable number of social media users.

Take a glance at the influencer marketing potential on internet users, 2019:

  • 56% of surveyed internet users reported that they always like to seek an expert opinion before purchasing.
  • 16% of surveyed internet users mentioned that they have clicked on a promoted or sponsored post on a social network in the past month.
  • 14% said that they discover new brands via celebrity endorsements.
Influencer marketing potential 2019

A Figure Shows The Influencer Marketing Potential, 2019.


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