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The Biggest B2B Digital Marketing Challenges, 2019

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Naturally, objectives and challenges for B2B digital marketers dovetail each other closely. Delivering quality leads is digital marketers’ primary objective while generating traffic and leads is the most commonly reported challenge among marketing professionals, one of the biggest hurdles for a B2B organization is that the audience is typically restricted to a very small pool.

Since the reach is already limited, identifying and creating targeted communications for this niche segment becomes even more essential. Paid advertising across diverse channels can provide your customers with multiple touchpoints to become aware of your brand and make an inquiry. Because of the limited audience in B2B markets, customer acquisition costs tend to be much higher than in B2C markets.

Take a glance at the biggest B2B digital marketing challenges, 2019:

  • Generating leads is ranked as the top digital marketing challenge that faces marketers with a rate of 26.16%.
  • Measuring & providing ROI is ranked as the second top challenge by surveyed digital marketers with a rate of 23.18%.
  • Delivering quality leads come next as a B2B digital marketers challenge with a rate of 22.19%.
  • Producing quality content also listed as a digital marketing challenge that faces B2B surveyed digital marketers with a rate of 13.25%.
Biggest B2B Digital Marketing Challenges 2019

A Graph Shows The Biggest B2B Digital Marketing Challenges, 2019.


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